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Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Here at Burleigh Construction we understand our important it is to get your vision exactly right. Your property is more than a building, it’s your home, so it’s important that you are completely happy with the work being carried out.

Before we start construction we use our expert architectural design services to produce detailed technical drawings of your property. From floor plans to 3-D models we will show you a variety of designs so you can be confident in the work being carried out.

We can create a variety of concepts so you can see intricate details of how your building will look when complete.


An architect is a sort of designer who specialises in buildings. They’re responsible for designing structures that’ll be safe and stable. The title ‘architect’ is a highly protected one. In order to use it, a designer must have gone through an undergraduate degree, followed by a taught master’s degree, and then several years of closely-monitored work experience and exams. When you consider the responsibilities borne by the profession, it’s small wonder that the barriers of entry are so high. Architects, as well as being accountable to their clients and employers, are responsible for public safety. Those working on more complex projects will collaborate in teams, thus compensating for any gaps in their knowledge and vastly reducing the likelihood of an error. But design isn’t the extent of the architect’s role. They’re also responsible for documenting their design in such a way that those carrying out the work can understand it. They will produce detailed drawings of the proposal, and test them in a simulated computer environment before moving them onto the real world.



Each project begins with an informal discussion concerning exactly what’s required. Out experts will visit you and learn about what you have in mind, and survey the site where the work is set to take place. At this stage, they will be able to draw upon their knowledge and experience to ensure that the project is feasible under the proposed budget. In many cases, they’ll immediately note ways in which said budget might be made to stretch further.


From there, we begin to create concept designs based on your suggestions. This is an iterative process where ideas are swiftly tossed up and either accepted or rejected. Our architects are creative enough to come up with a slew of designs that’ll provide the required ‘wow’ factor; the difficult part is often choosing between them!


As the concept progresses, details will become more concrete. The positions of walls and ceilings will be decided upon, and then later those of features like light switches, plug sockets and radiators. In the case of kitchens and bathrooms, fixed furniture like ovens, washers, toilets and showers will be incorporated into the design.


Finally, construction plans are devised, detailing the dimensions of the build down to the millimetre, and including details of the materials set to be used. By making these plans as detailed and intuitive as possible, the chance of a construction error occurring can be all but eliminated – and the architects themselves attend the construction site in person, affording them a chance to clear up any ambiguity instantaneously. Since you’re just paying a single organisation, there will be no need to pay extra to have the architects attend the site.


Architects are highly sought-after, as they must combine several disciplines into a single role. As well as being imaginative and creative, they must have mathematical and scientific instincts and a meticulous eye for detail. As well as all of these qualities, they’ll also need extensive knowledge of rules and regulations governing planning permission and building codes. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with a vigorous knowledge of the industry. This is what allows us to maintain a very high success rate with our applications. With the help of our team of highly-experienced architects, you won’t need to worry about such considerations; you’ll be free to let us handle the legal and technical intricacies of the build and focus on other things. In cases where building regulation approval is required, we can help you compile and submit the necessary plans. Similarly, if we determine that your build requires planning permission, we’ll be able to assist you through the process.


Here at Burleigh Construction, we prefer to oversee every aspect of a given project – from the earliest design right up to the very end. This affords us total control over the entire process. This is advantageous from a cost-minimization perspective. But it’ll also ensure that the build takes place according to the plans devised by our architects. If you have a project in mind, then you’ll want a team of highly-experienced and skilful architects. Make our architecture team part of your renovation or new build, and you’ll give it the best possible chance of success! By bringing us in to work on your project, you’ll have a capable set of hands in which to entrust your office refurbishment. You’ll therefore be able to get on with your existing schedule with the minimum distraction, secure in the knowledge that the work will be completed on-time, on-schedule, and to the same exacting standards we consistently deliver.


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