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You don’t need to have an existing basement or cellar space within your property to expand downwards. We can dig out underneath your property to create a basement space. Whether that’s by building an additional story underneath your home, digging out underneath the garden, or by creating a smaller space downstairs within your home. Here at Burleigh Construction we’ve undertaken plenty of excavation projects so no job feels too big. Come to us with your ideas and we’ll work with you to make them happen.


Retrofit basements involve digging underneath your existing property. The work isn’t quite as straightforward, as other types of extensions, as there are lots of structural considerations to factor in before starting to dig. Our expert team will start by doing a soil test and check the ground is ok to excavate. They will then erect the hording, create an external hole to start work and begin removing the soil. Health and safety is exceptionally important when undertaking basement projects and our team have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. We will deal with debris removal and sort out the appropriate drainage, we will base our work on calculated accurate house plans, and we will ensure the structure of the house is supported before beginning work. It’s important you entrust the help of an expert for your basement conversions and our team at Burleigh Construction specialise in these extension projects. Excavation projects can take a couple of months depending on the scale of the conversion, but our team will work with you to cause minimal disruption. You can live in the house while we work, and your project manager will also be on hand to communicate with throughout the entire process. Should you have any questions throughout the project they will be on hand to support you.


As you might suspect, under garden basements involve digging out underneath the garden. Under garden basements can join onto your retrofit basement, offering you further space, or they can be achieved separately. Under garden basements cause less impact and disruption to your neighbours as they’re further away from your property. They also provide more opportunity to add natural light to your basement space. The soil will need to be checked before construction work commences but all in all under garden basements provide less of a risk to the structure of your property. That being said, we offer both type of basement conversion and will advise which conversion is right for you depending on your needs.


We have a skilled team of experts with experience of a wide range of basement conversion projects. Thorough knowledge of health and safety procedures. We will work around you and your neighbours to cause minimal disruption. Our excellent project managers will update you throughout the process. We can handle the conversion project from start to end, as we offer an all in one solution. We can design your plans, apply for your planning permission, handle the construction process and finish your basement to your taste.


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