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Here at Burleigh Construction we specialise in luxury basement conversions. Whether you’ve got an existing basement in place or not, it doesn’t matter. We can transform the space below your house to create a contemporary living quarter to suit your needs.

Basement conversions once had a reputation for being a low-budget alternative to more complicated extensions and modifications – but that’s no longer the case. They are now commonly associated with wine cellars, home cinemas, apartments with their own separate entrance.

Basement conversions have become a must have for any London house. In the space that was once the sole preserve of boilers, washing machines and utilities, highly sophisticated projects are being constructed. If you’re looking to get in on the action, we’re able to lend a hand.

Burleigh Construction are a complete team of skilled architects, builders and engineers. We can handle everything from basement design all the way to excavation and construction. We can also finish the basement for you to your taste.

If you’re looking to create additional space within your home, get in touch and let us discuss the option of a basement conversion.


Basement excavations can be as spacious as you want. You can dig out underneath a couple of rooms or you could dig out under the full width of your room, even expanding underneath the garden. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.


Storing fine wine requires an environment that’s carefully controlled throughout the year – with some wines (particularly lighter ones) being fussier than others. Underground storage is a method of keeping a stable environment, and one which has been favoured for centuries. You’ll be able to limit sunlight exposure, which can lead to faulty wines. You’ll be able to more easily regulate the temperature, too – with a chilly 11°C being considered optimal. With the help of modern insulation and refrigeration techniques, you’ll be able to store your collection in the best possible conditions – and even tune the temperature at different areas of the cellar to the precise sort of wine being stored there.


Another advantage of an underground extension is sound pollution. Being shielded from the outside world, you’ll be able to crank up the volume without fear of disturbing the other residents of your property – and you won’t need to worry about ambient noise getting to you, either. This makes a basement conversion an obvious choice for home-recording studios and home cinemas. Such projects will allow things like acoustic performance to be taken into account beforehand – allowing optimal conditions for you to work in. The room itself will have as big an influence on the sound you hear as your choice of speakers, and so building high-quality treatment into the room from day one will improve your experience endlessly.


Another popular basement conversion idea is the transformation into a swimming pool and gym. Life is busy and it’s difficult to do everything we intend. Increasing facilities at home makes life easier. Plus swimming pools make a nice valuable addition to the property.


If you employ staff onsite, then you might elect to dedicate an area of the basement to serve as their living quarters. This is particularly advantageous in households where staff need to be on constant call. If you need the attention of a carer or nanny urgently, then having them within a thirty-second walk is sure to be advantageous. As such, onsite lodgings are fantastic for households with dependents whose needs are often unpredictable. What’s more, onsite lodgings will add to the value of your property.


Basement conversions can create a whole array of additional rooms within your home. You can create an extra lounge, a larger kitchen, a dining room you never had room for, additional bedrooms and bathrooms. There are no limitation to basement conversion as you can expect the same level of features as if you were to add a side return extension. Often people worry about lighting but that is no longer an issue. We can create a separate entrance to the property letting in natural light, we can ceiling lights and more.


When you contact us, we will ask you about your current property and what you are hoping to achieve. A lot of people come already with plans for the extra space but if you’re unsure how you plan to use that’s also fine. We can evaluate your property and talk you through your options. Our expert architects will then work with you to create a series of designs. We will always perfect the designs so you are completely happy with the project. We find it’s easier to spend a little more time at the design stage so you can rest assured you are getting exactly what you want. It also means you don’t have to be around during the construction and can leave us to work excited about your home transformation.


Basement projects offer an enormous amount of options, because there’s relatively little need to consider building regulations or planning permissions. Provided that the space adjacent to your basement isn’t occupied by underground cables, pipes and train tracks, you’ll be able to expand into it. By working alongside us, you’ll avoid having to consider such things – we’ll advise you of any limiting factors, and help to compose a design that’ll meet your requirements capably. However complex or elaborate your project might be, we’ll be able to get it finished on schedule – and within your allotted budget. By working with us, you’ll have a team that’ll take you through the entire process of your project. We’ll excavate where necessary, and deal with waterproofing and insulation to create a basement conversion that’s sure to satisfy your needs. We’ll also deal with legal and technical considerations like planning permission and building regulations. We prefer to oversee the projects we choose right from the point of inception up until completion. That way, we don’t have to deal with the efforts of previous developers. This arrangement is also advantageous for the client, as you’ll be able to keep on top of developments as they proceed, and you won’t need to liaise with a disparate horde of contractors – just leave us to deal with everything, and the result will be a basement development that’s completed within budget, within the time limit, and which satisfies your vision of what you’d like the basement to be!


Alternatively, if you want to leave us a message or have us call you back, please fill out the form and we”ll be in touch soon!