Burleight Construction



We offer a vast range of commercial construction and refurbishment services. Depending on the purpose of your building, you’ll want a slightly different approach – although there are some principles which hold true for all of them: our clients value our ability to deliver results on-time, on-budget, and in a manner which exceeds even their wildest expectations.


Offices are where most of us spend most of our working hours. Creating the right environment can make the difference between a happy, focussed workforce and a distracted, demoralised one. We’ll design workspaces that your employees will love – and that’ll allow you to attract the right talent into the fold.

Open-plan arrangements are increasingly popular in offices, and for good reason: the impression of space is crucial for busting stress and boosting morale. The same can be said of plants and windows. Soundproof meeting rooms that are encased entirely in glass can provide the perfect balance between privacy and transparency.

The offices themselves might need improvement but why stop there? Consider adjusting your building layout and design to reflect your company values. What better way could there be to impress prospective new clients than by having them walk into a foyer that’s dominated by fountains, marble pillars, indoor gardens and other memorable works of architectural art? With our help, your office is sure to boast your brand.


To stand apart from the field in London’s bustling entertainment industry, you need to do something special. This doesn’t just mean attracting the most talented chefs, bartenders, bands and DJs to your establishment – ideally the building itself should offer something special enough to get people talking.

We’ll take into account practical considerations – like the number of diners a restaurant can accommodate, or the amount of revellers a bar can serve within a given timespan – but we’ll also bring to the table unique features that’ll set the venue apart from the crowd. Balconies and spiral staircases are commonplace in London clubs, but with a little twist of something special you’ll be able to make yours noteworthy. What about a cascading water feature that falls from behind the bar? Or a raised pulpit in the centre of the room from which the resident DJ can work the crowd?

We’ll be able to refurbish an existing space, or create one from scratch – whatever your needs, we will work with you to create a venue that does its own PR.


A premium shopping experience shouldn’t just mean providing high-quality goods and a high level of service. It should also mean providing customers with an experience that’ll make your store a must-see attraction. And the building itself is capable of providing a significant portion of that experience. An eye-catching exterior, naturally, is capable of luring customers in; while an awe-inspiring interior will bring them back for more.

We all you know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if you’re a new brand, that’s all people have to go by. Don’t fade into the background, let us design a retail experience that engages shoppers.

The layout of your store will also influence the ease with which your staff can get orders out onto the shop floor, and with which your customers can reach the tills and get their purchases paid for. These practical considerations, too, can be helped with some forethought and clever design. There are myriad different sorts of store, each selling different products to different audiences. Each will provide new and exciting challenges, which our team will be happy to meet.


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