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Here at Burleigh Construction we have the design credentials and expertise to offer a series of construction and refurbishment services for the hotel and leisure industry.
Whether you’re looking for a new build, an extension or a refurbishment of existing floor plans, get in touch with us today. We can offer a complete turnkey solution, so you can be certain your designs are implemented exactly as you’d imagined.


If you’re planning on opening a new hotel in London, then you’re going to want to create something worthwhile. London is a thriving city with hotels, clubs and restaurants aplenty. When opening a new business, you need to be aware of location, the current market and how you can make your brand stand out enough to attract custom as soon as you open your doors. We know London, we know what you’re competing with and we know how to create individuality while retaining low costs and high quality. We can help you create bespoke designs that celebrate your brand and excite interest from the masses, but we can do so on a scale that is affordable to you. At Burleigh Construction we are known for our excellent delivery because our reputation is built around us effectively working to time and budget constraints. If you’re looking to build a new hotel or refurbish an existing development get in touch and let us help you find your place in the market.


Design and build a new hotel

Expand existing rooms or facilities

Add new facilities to your hotel – gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, conference rooms, bars and kitchens, etc

Add a car park development in your hotel

Add more rooms to your development

Expand your franchise and build a new development in line with your current brand


Whether you’re looking to refurbish an existing sports club, incorporate a gym into a hotel or business, or transform an empty property into a new state of the art gym, we can help. No project is too big or too complicated. We are luxury construction specialists who house the best architects in the capital. Simply tell us what you’re trying to create, no matter how vague, and we can help you develop your idea. Often people come to us and they know what they want their business to be, but they often feel limited by the property they have. Whether that’s listed building regulations or spatial limitations, we can work with you to get past that. Often you need a fresh pair of expert eyes to sit down with you, listen to what you want and offer advice and ideas. We can help you see the possibilities.


Spas and leisure clubs need to capture a certain ambience so it’s important when designing your refurbishment, you have an overall vision in mind. Our expert architects have a creative eye as well as experience designing a variety of commercial properties and will be able to work with you to create the right environment for your business. When creating a spa or leisure facility, the floor plans need to be well thought out. You want the massage parlours and treatment rooms to be private, you want the changing rooms to be situated next to the pool or gym, likewise with saunas and steam rooms – you don’t want guests to have to walk too far, you want the restaurant which will inevitably be a chatty room to be situated away from your relaxation rooms. We can help you move your floor plans so they are easier for your staff and better for your business.


We have an expert design team who can take any brief and showcase you a variety of ideas in a selection of models. We have experience working with a wide range of commercial businesses and building types. We have expert project managers who know the industry and our team inside out; they also have excellent communication and customer services skills to ensure projects go as planned, although often better. We have also worked on some of most envious projects in the capital. Burleigh Construction know design, they know construction but better than that, they have a sound knowledge of the London property market. Whatever project you’re considering talk to us. You can’t be the best unless you work with the best.


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