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Finding the perfect property in London is difficult. You almost always have to compromise on some features when purchasing property, and often gardens go amiss. If you have a small outdoor area, or you have a paved patio area but you are unsure what to do with it, our architects can work with you on some ideas on how you can maximise our outdoor space.

Perhaps you’re looking to add greenery to your concrete exterior, perhaps you want to add a degree of exclusivity to your property or perhaps you are looking to expand your driveway, our expert landscaping team will be able to construct your vision.


We have experience in a variety of garden projects including:


If you have an extensive landscape we can look at building you a separate quarters in your backyard. Whether you’re looking at a storage unit, a small apartment, changing rooms or an outdoor gym, we can construct a separate property to suit your needs.


We can build you a multi floor garage or expand your driveway to include additional car spaces.


If you’re a fan of outdoor dining we can create you an elevated terrace that overlooks the garden so you can dine outside and enjoy dinner parties with friends outdoors.


If you want to separate your property and make it more private, we add add walls, fences, electric gates and various other features to secure your property and maintain your privacy.


If you are hoping to add some greenery to your property we design a new garden space for you. Whether that means transforming a concrete space or returfing a lawn, we’ll able to design something to suit you.


If you enjoy sports activities, we can create exclusive gym and courts for your personal and private use. Tennis courts, basketball courts, just tell us what you are looking to create.


Our landscaping projects vary considerably in scope. A few tweaks to your garden can yield dramatic improvements to the way it looks and performs. But a landscaping project might also be grander and more complex, incorporating elements of more traditional construction. You might create more space by removing walls, or add new ones to create new outdoor structures like cabins, changing rooms and outdoor showers. You might even decide to raise and lower entire sections of your grounds, creating sweeping landscapes that’ll wow your visitors.


Since there’s so much more space to work with, many of the most ambitious and awe-inspiring projects take place outdoors. Among the most common of these is the installation of a swimming pool – but a swimming pool can come in myriad different configurations, and with the help of a little creativity you’ll be able to enjoy a few lengths in truly unique surroundings. This might mean creating a pool of an unusual shape. Balconies, outdoor mezzanines, artificial caverns and wave machines will all help to grant your pool the required sense of identity. You might even decide to install a glass bottom to your pool, so that swimmers can look down on the basement beneath.


The big features of your garden are what will help define it. But it’s the little touches that’ll make the real difference. Flowerbeds, trees and exotic ornaments can all be drafted in to help create a garden you’ll want to spend your time in. As with all of our projects, we’ll take a collaborative approach. However grand your vision is, we’ll be on hand to make it a reality. No job is too ambitious – and so you shouldn’t be shy about volunteering your more experimental ideas! With our help along every step of the way – from the first inklings of the idea, through planning, revision, and finally construction – you’ll be able to create a garden that’ll match your vision. Landscaping offers a canvas on which you can really express yourself. They’re out in the open and on display to your guests, allowing you to soak up the sunshine during summer (and, with a few additional items, they’re great for winter, too). What’s more, you’ll be less constrained by the existing structures than you would be when planning an internal modification to your property.


Apart from creating you a bespoke design, when you’re collaborating with us we will handle the project from start to finish. Our team consists of everything from architects to builders. We can design your landscape, help with planning permission and oversee the project from start to finish. At every stage, you can be as involved or as detached in the process as you’d like to be. Key to our approach is communication – we’ll relay the details of each stage of construction, and we’ll be receptive to every interjection you make. By doing things in this way, we can tailor the project to match your vision as closely as possible – and ensure that everything proceeds on-budget and on-schedule. If you have a project in mind, then you’ll want a team of highly-experienced and skilful architects. Make our architecture team part of your renovation or new build, and you’ll give it the best possible chance of success!


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