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We offer a range of restoration and renovation services for listed buildings and period properties. We have a team of highly skilled professionals with a sound knowledge of building regulations who will be able to work within these limitations to update the property as per your needs.

Working on listed buildings requires specialist knowledge and at Burleigh Constrution we will use our experience to update your property without impeding on that all important character that forms the essence of the building.


Buildings of this sort are bestowed with ‘listed’ status, which confers upon them special privileges, and helps to conserve the state of a given area. Listed buildings comprise around 2% of all buildings in the UK, with the largest chunk of them being ‘Grade II’. Buildings are often listed if they have some historic or architectural interest. It is this interest in these buildings which can make it difficult to adapt. Adjusting a listed building is not impossible however, there are rules and restrictions to help protect the building and each building is judged on an individual basis. Our team have thorough knowledge of planning permission and can work with you on applying for consent.


Restoration work is also about preserving the building and is part of the natural maintenance of any listed building. Over time stones darken, corrosion has an effect on buildings, roof slates loosen and bricks get damaged. These issues happen and there is little you can do to prevent that. To maintain the structure of the building however several things may be required. For some buildings restoration work is a requirement but in buildings where you continue to reside it may also be a necessity.


You are restricted with what refurbishment work you can do on a listed building, but some work is needed to bring the building up to date for modern living. A large component of refurbishment work includes improving the glazing, electric and plumbing of listed building. Listed status often precludes the use of modern glazing techniques like double glazing, as they have an unacceptable influence on the look of the building. A common workaround here is secondary glazing, which places an additional pane of glass behind the existing window. Since the space between the two panes isn’t air-tight, the glass won’t bow in response to changes in pressure – and thus the impact on the building’s look from the outside will be minimal. Wiring poses a further challenge. Since many listed buildings were constructed before electricity was widespread, many can benefit from having their circuitry overhauled. The same applies to plumbing.


Projects like this are especially delicate; they’re like fostering an endangered animal. Not only do the technical challenges of building work need to be contended with, but the responsibility of safeguarding a valuable artefact for future generations to enjoy, too. It’s a job that needs to be carried out with surgical precision, and enormous care. It’s a job, in other words, for an expert. Fortunately, we’ve extensive experience of this sort of restoration. We’ll be able to guide you through the entire project, right from the start to the finish. We’ll be able to step inside the property and diagnose any problems that need to be addressed, and consider any ideas you might have about the future direction of the property, and let you know how they might be implemented within the rules.


Planning permission, building regulations and other such technical considerations are obviously paramount with this sort of work. This is something we’ll be able to take care of on your behalf – so that you’re free to consider only the restoration work itself – or simply get on with life as the work proceeds. We prefer to oversee projects of this sort right from the beginning up to completion for a good reason: it allows us total control over all the work that takes place. We’ll be able to co-ordinate all of the necessary talent, saving you the trouble of doing so. Everything that takes place will do so according to a grand, unified vision of how the property should finally look.


If you’re lucky enough to own one of Britain’s many gorgeous listed buildings, then you’ll want to take the responsibility of restoring it seriously. That way, you’ll not only be able to preserve (and even improve upon) its value; you’ll also be able to enjoy it for years to come. If you’ve got a project that you think would benefit from the attention of an experienced and proven developer, be sure to get in touch. However extensive or minor the refurbishment might be, we’ve the skills necessary to complete it!


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