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Finding a property with everything you need in the right location is a difficult task, and you shouldn’t have to compromise with your home. Our building design services will help you transform an old building or an empty plot into one of the most premium properties in London. Whether you’re looking to create a large family home, an apartment building full of luxury flats or a modern bungalow with extensive landscaping, we can help you turn your vision into a reality.


We’ll be on hand to oversee every stage of the development, from the very early planning stages right to the end of the project. By taking care of everything, we’ll be able to precisely control every aspect of the building – we can create a smooth transition from one stage to the next without any holdups. Not only does working with a single developer help to cut costs, it’ll also make life simpler and less stressful.


Starting a fresh means you don’t have to compromise. You have full reign of your building project so whatever features and space you want, you can choose.


If you’ve a specific vision in mind, an entirely new build might be the best way of achieving it. Unconstrained by the makeup of an existing property, you will be able to create something that’s truly unique. By starting with a truly blank slate, all things are possible!


It may not be possible to transform your existing property into the building your desire. Perhaps you currently own a listed building or you have restrictions on your planning permission, it may be easier to opt for a new build than try and achieve what you want in the constraints of your current home.


New builds can be made using the very latest materials, which can help to make them as efficient and good-looking as can be. While older properties might bring a charm to the table, it can be often be troublesome to modify them to meet with modern energy-efficiency standards. New builds, by contrast, can be arranged in any way you like – and they can even leave space for further modifications as new materials and technologies become available.


There are also some instances where the cost of further modifications to a building, in terms of both finance and upheaval, are sizeable enough that starting anew becomes desirable.


Creating an entirely new building involves more work at every stage of construction, but the process remains largely the same. It all begins with a great design: from there, the rest of the project will fall into place. Of course, transforming your idea into something that can be constructed in the real world is something that requires expertise – which we’ll happily provide. We’ll help you to flesh out your ideas and develop the design. The design stage is crucial, which is why we will show you a range of technical models and drawings to ensure you are completely happy with the plan. By focussing on the precision and detail at this early stage we can avoid more delays and setbacks further along in the process, and we’ll achieve a final outcome that matches your vision as closely as possible. As well as having considerable design talent to draw upon, our staff also possess the other skills necessary to produce in this sector: they’ll be able to answer any questions that might arise during the build, and they’ll be able to identify and solve problems as they occur.


If you’re building something entirely new, then you’ll have to pay extra close attention to building regulations, and planning permissions. This can be a bothersome hurdle, particularly if you’re itching to get started on the project, and have a strict timeframe to work within. But with our help, you won’t need to expend too much thought on this; instead, you’ll be able to leave all of the technical details to us, leaving yourself free to think about what’s important – namely the shape of the final building. The conservation status of the vicinity can potentially complicate matters further. Different areas will place different restrictions on what can and cannot be built there. While these rules can’t be broken, they can be anticipated and worked around. We’ll be able to advise you on the limitations you’ll need to work within on the location you have in mind – thereby avoiding disappointment further down the line.


Everyone is different, and thus has different expectations of what the perfect home should look like. Whether you’d like to live in a replica of a Georgian manse or an Addison style home, we’ll be able to compose a design that matches your ambitions. What’s more, we have the management and architectural talent necessary to ensure that the project is implemented according to the agreed design. If you’re looking for an entirely new building to call home – however ambitious the project might be – then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! If you have a project in mind, then you’ll want a team of highly-experienced and skilful architects. Make our architecture team part of your renovation or new build, and you’ll give it the best possible chance of success! By bringing us in to work on your project, you’ll have a capable set of hands in which to entrust your new build. You’ll therefore be able to get on with your existing schedule with the minimum distraction, secure in the knowledge that the work will be completed on-time, on-schedule, and to the same exacting standards we consistently deliver.


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