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We offer refurbishment services that will suit a very broad range of commercial and residential spaces. Among the most common of these are office refurbishments. With the right planning and execution, a refurbishment of this sort can be a fantastic investment – paying for itself many times over in terms of productivity and company image.

Our office refurbishments commence with a series of informal discussions about what you’d like to achieve, which move quickly into planning, construction work and finally turnkey. We understand that in this environment.


While it might seem obvious, the purpose of an office (or indeed, any workspace) should be to allow workers to get on with their work. Since office workers of every sort are more effective when they’re focused, inspired and free from stress, it should follow that the office environment should be conducive to all of those things. Employees who are forced to hunch over their work in cramped, stuffy cubicles for eight hours a day will be less productive than those who enjoy more pleasant surroundings. And this is true even if the actual work being performed is unchanged.


Open-plan setups are increasing popular, as they afford each worker with a sense of space – which helps to defeat stress and cut down on the need for artificial lighting. The use of glass is another popular improvement; by having conference rooms and management partitioned away in glass offices, you’ll allow natural light to more easily spread through the building, which will further bolster the sense of space. By installing new windows, and modifying existing ones, we’ll be able to further improve the way that light disperses through the space.


Keeping workers in a comfortable environment is paramount for keeping them happy and productive. They’re likely to perceive efforts in this direction as a sign that the company values their comfort, which can help foster loyalty. For these reasons, installing a high-quality air-conditioning system is worthwhile. By incorporating such a system into a more sweeping redesign of the building, we’ll be able to make it that much more effective. We should also bear in mind that controlling the temperature and humidity in the building will help to preserve the building itself. Moreover, the clients and collaborators who visit your office are likely to perceive your business that much more favourably if they step into a comfortable airspace.


An office refurbishment is also an opportunity to reinforce the company’s image. Painting the walls in line with the company’s branding is sure to achieve exactly this – but we’ll want to consider the effects that different colours have on the state of mind of the people who have to look at them. Reserved shades of yellow, green and blue are likelier to produce focus and calm, as opposed to reds, which produce stress. Similar effects can be achieved with the help of special features like water features and gardens in the entrance halls and corridors. We can also incorporate your company’s logos and fonts into the building itself. This might occur at the decoration phase: you might have a large logo painted behind the desk at reception. On the other hand, you might incorporate it into the building itself – what about modelling the desk itself after the company logo? The possibilities here are considerable, and with imagination and creativity we’ll come up with something that’ll leave an impression on your visitors.


Our work will begin with an evaluation of the existing setup, and what changes might be made to match the firm’s objectives. Modern offices often take novel measures to creating a working environment that brings the best from their staff. With an impartial perspective your existing office setup, we’ll be able to uncover where it’s going wrong, and what might be done to set it right.


We’ve extensive experience with redesigns in both residential and commercial properties, and so will be able to oversee your project right from its earliest stages until completion. We’ll be able to handle all of the work that goes into obtaining planning permission, and ensure that the building conforms with the necessary regulations. By bringing us in to work on your project, you’ll have a capable set of hands in which to entrust your office refurbishment. You’ll therefore be able to get on with your existing schedule with the minimum distraction, secure in the knowledge that the work will be completed on-time, on-schedule, and to the same exacting standards we consistently deliver.


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