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If you’re looking to transform your home, get in touch with us, Burleigh Constrution. We have a team of expert architects and builders who can help rejuvenate your property.
Bored of the same layout, haven’t got enough space – we specialise in bespoke house and flat refurbishments that will add value to your home.


Unlike extensions, which expand a property by building on the outside, a house conversion will make alterations to the interior, allowing you to add additional ceilings, floors, rooms and walls. Such an operation might be a minor adjustment, or it might involve creating an entirely new interior space. Since conversions of this sort don’t require altering a property’s exterior, any given project will have less chance of falling foul of building regulations. Moreover, it’ll be more likely to receive planning permission. What can be achieved will be limited only by the physical demands of the existing structure. If you want to create additional space and are interested in converting your existing floor plans get in touch with us today. Our team can help with everything from ideation and planning to construction and finishing



Even listed properties, which are ordinarily the trickiest sort to modify, might be restructured internally with the help of mezzanine floors – which will create additional living space without having to alter the building itself. Mezzanines are normally used to add more spaces within your home. If you have rooms with relatively high ceilings your conversion solution might be the addition of a mezzanine floor. You could partition the room in two with the addition of a balcony space. You may want to add a bedroom above a sitting room, add an office above the library or simply create some additional storage space. The possibilities are endless but due to their ease of construct mezzanines are becoming an increasingly popular conversion solution for many modern properties.


House conversions may be as simple as adjusting floor plans to suit your needs. Whether that’s knocking down a wall to create a larger room or adjusting a ceiling to add an extra staircase into property, the possibilities are endless. Talk to us about what you are hoping to achieve from your property development and we can draw up some plans so you can see your options.


You might decide to remove walls within your home in order to turn several rooms into a single cohesive space. Open plan designs help to break down enclosed spaces within the home, creating larger rooms which give you more interior options. Perhaps you have bought a property with several bathrooms and bedrooms but you don’t have the walk in the wardrobe you desire or the office you need, our team of highly skilled architects can adjust your house designs to incorporate the space you need. You might choose to replace the wall with a glass bifold door partition. This gives you the freedom to separate the rooms but also have a larger living space when desired.


When you first come into possession of a great property, you might find that it doesn’t quite fit perfectly with your needs and tastes. What’s important to one homeowner, after all, might not be so to the next. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these tiny faults can be remedied with the help of some minor surgery. If your property feels a little crowded around the entrance hall, knocking back a few walls and ceilings will in most cases grant the desired breathing space. If you find that you aren’t getting the best use from your loft, you might remedy things by converting it into a fully-fledged area of your home. The possibilities are endless but with our help, you can recognise what can be achieved. Selling property may be an option in this market, but with some minor renovations we can help change the way you feel about the property.


The right conversion will add considerable value to your property, creating a substantial return on the investment of both time and money. What constitutes the ‘right’ conversion, however, will depend on your individual needs and wishes; we’ll work hard to develop a bespoke solution that’ll satisfy your requirements and boast your property.


Naturally, if you’re going to be meddling with the internal structure of a property, then you’ll need to work with experienced developers who’ll be able to anticipate and avoid potential problems before they occur. When we work for you, you’ll have access to exactly the required expertise. We’ll be able to carry your ambitions all the way from the earliest plans to the finished result. If you’d prefer to involve yourself in the work, then you’ll have access to expert help who’ll be able to realise your vision. You won’t need to worry about technical details like planning permissions and building regulations; you’ll instead be free to get on with life, secure in the knowledge that the work is progressing. We take pride in delivering, on-time and on-budget, and to the satisfaction of every client. If you have a project you think would benefit from our expert attention, or you simply have an idea that you’d like your interior to be different, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be able to design, plan and implement a house conversion that’ll take your property to the next level!


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