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Here at Burleigh Construction we offer a wide range of residential building services to the London area. From house extensions and renovations to new builds and landscaping transformations, if you’re looking to change your home, we can help.

Burleigh Construction are renowned for their ability to deliver a wide variety of residential and commercial construction projects in time and on budget. Our success comes about thanks to the well-established process we employ; as a result of our extensive planning we’re able to ensure the build proceeds smoothly and effectively. 


We offer a wide range of building services so whatever you ideas, get in touch. We have some of the best architects in London on our books so when you call we’ll arrange a consultancy so they can advise on the best option for your home. Below you’ll find information about some of the services we offer.


If you’re looking for a house extension then get in touch and we can discuss your options. Perhaps the most well known extension is a side return but we can also build on the front and back of your home. When you contact us we will discuss your spatial requirements and advise accordingly.


Basement conversions are a modern concept that allow you to add several rooms below your property. It doesn’t matter if you don’t currently have a basement we can dig out under your property and your garden to create the required space.


We have a vast amount of experience in a wide range of house refurbishments. Whether you’re looking to change your floor plans, restore a listed building or convert your entire house into a series of flats, or vice versa, we can create bespoke house plans to suit you. Our property refurbishments can create additional space, make your property feel less confined and improve your property value. Get in touch for more information.


Our team have the specialist knowledge and accompanying experience to carry out work on listed buildings and period properties. We can carry out important restoration and preservation work such as cleaning the stone work or repairing fixtures, or alternatively we can update your property with modern refurbishments.


We have a wealth of experience in house and flat conversions. If you’re looking to turn your property into a series of flats, or perhaps add a singular flat to the property for staff or family members, we can help. Likewise if you’re looking to reverse a flat conversion to create a larger home, we will be able to create some bespoke designs to suit you.


If you’ve found the perfect land spot in London to create a new property then we can help you with the rest. We offer a complete design and build service. Our excellent architects will listen to your preferences and create tailored designs to suit your needs. Our excellent project managers will then work with the architects and construction team to bring your ideas to reality.


We offer a series of landscaping and garden design services to the London area. Whether you want to adjust a rooftop terrace, create a larger driveway, seclude your home without feeling a prisoner or simply work on the garden, we have a wealth of ideas and experience to help you.


If you’re looking to create more space why not consider a second story home addition. This is an option if you have a low level property or bungalow. We can advise on whether this is an option and the planning permission required when you get in touch.


As well as the labourers themselves, we should consider the supervising staff who help to direct them in the appropriate direction, and ensure that standards are maintained throughout the project. Our project managers can draw on a sizeable reservoir of knowledge and experience, and they’re able to co-ordinate the workforce, direct labour appropriately and ensure that our consistently high standards of craftsmanship are met. Our project managers are on hand at all stages of the project to guarantee efficiency. During the planning phase, our architects will compose a detailed design of how the building should ultimately look. This will include millimetre-accurate dimensions and material choices. The quality of these plans will make the construction work much easier. Moreover, our architects will be on hand to address queries and direct labour, reducing the chance of costly error to virtually nil. Through careful planning, we’re able to bring in labourers and materials in time for them to carry out their role in the construction process, but not so early that they impede other work. This helps to eliminate unnecessary storage costs, and ensures that each phase of the construction work is able to transition smoothly into the next: no-one, in other words, will be left standing around waiting for the opportunity to get started!


The scope of the project will have an influence over the length of time it takes – but the relationship between the two isn’t always straightforward. Work can take place over large areas of a building simultaneously, but extensive work concentrated in a smaller area might be more protracted. We’ll give you an estimate of how long the project will take during the earliest phases of design. Thanks to our extensive experience with a range of building works, our predictions are almost always accurate.


Each construction project is different – and this is especially so in the case of bespoke developments. Depending on the sort of work being carried out, it might be possible for staff members to remain onsite and continue working – and you might even decide that you’d like to continue living in your home while it’s being altered. In projects where the exterior of the building is being extensively modified, it might be necessary for residents to stay elsewhere while construction is underway. For more minor projects, however, onsite living might still be possible. If this is a concern, we’ll be able to account for it at the design phase and plan the project in stages in order to minimise disruption.


When you work with our team, you’ll be drawing upon a healthy reservoir of experience. We’ve worked on a huge and varied catalogue of construction and refurbishment projects before, and encountered almost every problem that might realistically occur. We’ll be able to spot trouble ahead of time and take steps to eliminate it, thus avoiding costly disruption and stress.

A building project that’s not adequately directed and planned can proceed slowly – or even grind to an unsettling halt. That’s what makes good project management so crucial. We’ve a proven track record of delivering our projects within budget, and within the desired timeframe. If you’re looking for a hassle-free and reliable means of realising your renovation vision, then, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Alternatively, if you want to leave us a message or have us call you back, please fill out the form and we”ll be in touch soon!